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Our Team

Gregory Davis

Senior Vice President ​Massachusetts Operations

Gregory Davis leads the Fallon Ambulance effort to expand the company’s Mobile Integrated Healthcare Services offerings. His work with the senior management team to establish additional relationships with healthcare and community providers throughout the Greater Boston area is providing expanded out-of-hospital healthcare services in the home and the community.  Mobile Integrated Healthcare Services (MIH) are an emerging trend in the healthcare industry that leverages the expertise of Paramedics and EMTs in caring for patients in the out-of-hospital environment against the rising use of hospital acute care services. These services seek to align the patient with the most appropriate clinical care for their needs which includes, among many other things, providing certain types of care for patients in their homes.

Gregg’s resume includes EMS operations management, Paramedic Field Training, EMS Education and providing pre-hospital care as a Paramedic for over 20 years. In addition to having developed a program for Mobile integrated Health Services, Gregg has spoken on the topic at several conferences, nationally and internationally. He continues to maintain his Paramedic credentials  and remains a proactive voice in the EMS and MIH industry as a subject matter expert. Continuing to assist community efforts, he serves as a steering committee member of the Blue Hills Community Health Alliance.