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Quick-thinking EMT praised in highway rescue

An EMT driving back to headquarters after a long day of routine calls instinctively pulled over when she saw a woman in distress on the highway, and made one last save for the day.

Alexandra Gallucci, a 25-year-old EMT for Fallon Ambulance Service, said she was driving on Interstate 93 at about 6:30 p.m. Monday when she saw a woman standing on the concrete barrier on the edge of the Massachusetts Avenue Connector bridge in Boston.

As Gallucci was climbing over the barrier, another Fallon ambulance driving down I-93 saw the activity and pulled over to help, Gallucci said. When the other paramedics arrived, they were able to pull the woman to safety and place her into an ambulance.

Gallucci said the entire situation, from when she pulled over to when the woman was placed in the ambulance, lasted about a minute.

Gallucci has been an EMT for a little more than a year, and said she has never encountered something like this before.

“As a first responder, you’re trained to see your situation and size it up and act appropriately,” Gallucci said. “The magnitude of the situation didn’t hit me until after the woman was in the ambulance.”

Patrick Tyler, chief operating officer for Fallon Ambulance Service, said Fallon’s EMTs are trained to respond to such situations.

Tyler said Gallucci responded “admirably” to the situation.

“Her training didn’t fail her,” Tyler said. “She acted as a trained EMT is expected to.”

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