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Fallon Ambulance works with Weymouth Police Department at popular Junior Police Academy week

WEYMOUTH, MA, ISSUED JULY 16, 2014…Fallon Ambulance Service (, the region’s largest independently owned ambulance service provider, recently completed a week’s work with the Weymouth Police Department at the Town’s highly-popular Junior Police Academy.

This academy has grown in popularity each year since its inception in 1998. Weymouth Police Officer Bob Barry has overseen this effort, and has worked closely with Fallon Ambulance in its role in the academy. Fallon provided an ambulance for the students, and worked with both the Police Department and the students in attendance to show what Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is and how it works.

The academy fills its student population through a lottery drawing at the Weymouth schools for students who have completed 4th grade and will enter 5th grade this fall. According to Officer Barry, the students see the role that police officers play, learn about the department, and meet the officers. During the weeklong program there is a mock crime scene with a bank robbery, where the students work with detectives, help with a crime scene investigation, and help investigate the evidence. There is also an obstacle physical fitness and strength training program, affording students the chance to work as a team.

The simulated crash, where the ambulance and EMTs and Fire Department responded, was a very lifelike exercise. One of the accident “victims” played the role of a drunk driver who was removed by the Jaws of Life. “Literally they had to cut the roof off the vehicle with the Jaws of Life,” said Barry, who said that students saw the entire process. “The EMTs tended to the victims, put them on backboards, applied a neck brace.” He said that students also witnessed the individual receiving the field sobriety test.

Barry noted that in addition to the ambulance and paramedic education, students got to see the work of other agencies as well, including police, sheriff, underwater rescue, and medical units. Officials from the Norfolk County House of Correction also contributed and students got to tour the prison and talk with several prisoners. 

Peter Racicot, Senior Vice President at Fallon Ambulance, said, “Being part of a larger effort that includes law enforcement and rescue is a great opportunity to show students how we all do our jobs. We have been pleased to be part of the Weymouth Junior Police Academy for a number of years, and congratulate Officer Barry and his team for all they do to help educate our youth.”