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Fallon Ambulance wins new Brookline 9-1-1 contract extension; gets unanimous nod from Board of Directors

BROOKLINE and QUINCY, MA, ISSUED JULY 10, 2014...Fallon Ambulance Service (, the region's largest independently owned ambulance service provider, has received a new contract extension as the 9-1-1 provider for the Town of Brookline.

The Brookline Board of Selectmen voted unanimously this week to extend the contract of Fallon Ambulance, which has been the Town's 9-1-1 provider since 1998, to June 30, 2016. Fallon received a strong recommendation of support from Fire Chief Paul Ford, who cited the company's exceptional service to the Town with its two ALS (Advanced Life Support) units and its timely back-up response. Chief Ford also noted Fallon Ambulance Service's assistance in training with the use of AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators).

Fallon's work with Brookline typically involves approximately 5,000 annual responses, and 3,500 annual transports.

Peter Racicot, Senior Vice President at Fallon Ambulance, said that the company is grateful for and proud of their relationship with Brookline, noting that there has always been a strong sense of collaboration between Fallon Ambulance Service and the Brookline public safety teams. He recalled one memorable transport on St. Patrick's Day of this year when Fallon Ambulance worked with Brookline Firefighters, Lieutenant Justin Robinson, and Ned Stevens, who were awarded the Fallon Ambulance "Stork Pins," for their professionalism and quick thinking in the delivery of a baby to his Brookline parents. Lieutenant Robinson and Firefighter Stevens were the two lead responders for the Fire Department, accompanied by firefighters Sean Walsh and Myke Pierre-Louis. They were joined by Fallon paramedics Michael Gallagher and Micah Lefton. That team effort led to removal of the mother's umbilical cord from the neck of the infant and a healthy delivery.

He further recalled the work between the Town and Fallon on such major events as the Boston Marathon and many other community venues. Racicot noted, "It has been a great privilege to partner with Brookline on the town's 911 emergency ambulance service since 1998." He said, "The people of Brookline have always been there for us, and were a big part of our 90th anniversary celebration last October. And we are proud to be there for them. We look forward to many more years together."