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Fallon Ambulance names Gregory A. Davis as Director of Mobile Integrated Healthcare Services & Community Initiatives

Fallon Ambulance Service today announced the appointment of Gregory A. Davis of Barnstable, MA, as Director of Mobile Integrated Healthcare Services & Community Initiatives.

Davis will lead the Fallon Ambulance effort to expand the company’s Mobile Integrated Healthcare Services offerings, working with the senior management team to establish additional relationships with healthcare providers throughout the Greater Boston area to provide expanded out of hospital healthcare services in the home and the community.  Mobile Integrated Healthcare Services (MIH) are an emerging trend in the healthcare industry that leverages the expertise of Paramedics and EMTs in caring for patients in the out of hospital environment against the rising use of hospital acute care services. In other words, these services seek to align the patient with the most appropriate clinical care for their needs which includes, among many other things, providing certain types of care for patients in their homes.

Patrick Sean Tyler, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Fallon Ambulance, said that Paramedics and EMTs will play an increasingly pivotal role in an integrated care environment. “Historically, EMTs and Paramedics are seen as the healthcare providers who respond to an emergency, provide stabilizing treatment and transport the patient to a care facility, such as an emergency room.” He continued, “In many cases, though, emergency rooms treat individuals for conditions that could be handled either at a clinic or through home care. The goal is to provide an integrated model of (health) care that aligns the patient with the best care working through the auspices of the patient’s primary care provider. As emergency rooms become increasingly crowded the healthcare community looks for alternatives that can help. The increased use of EMTs and Paramedics, who are highly-trained and experienced medical professionals, can play an important part in an integrated healthcare environment.”

Davis speaks from experience when describing how the concept of Mobile Integrated Health Services works. He comes to Fallon Ambulance from Eascare in Dorchester, where he worked for the previous eight years. During his tenure, he started an MIH program of providing non-acute urgent care in the patient’s homes, thereby reducing the number of trips to area hospitals.

A Paramedic since 1990, he said he hopes to develop similar programs at Fallon Ambulance.

Davis’s resume includes more than 25 years in the EMS field. Prior to his work at Eascare, he was a Paramedic for American Medical Response (AMR) working out of their Plymouth, MA location.

In addition to having developed a program for Mobile integrated Health Services, Davis has spoken on the topic at several conferences, nationally and internationally.

Davis, who earned the Paramedic of the Year award in 2000, resides in Barnstable with his wife Barbara. They are parents to four children. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, traveling and spending time with his family.

Davis said, “This is an important direction for the EMS industry. Mobile integrated health services allow the Paramedics to work not only with emergency room professionals but with primary care, behavioral health, palliative and hospice as well.” He continued, “What you often see in ER visits is long waiting times, particular on the weekends, when primary care physicians may not be available. The introduction of Mobile Integrated Health Services will provide opportunities where an EMT or Paramedic can come into the home, initiate certain treatments, and discuss the treatment plans with the doctors.”

Davis noted that the Commonwealth’s Department of Public Health is working on regulations to allow more such programs to commence. “We will be reaching out to providers in the medical community to see where we can introduce this service and bridge any gaps that might otherwise occur in the home or out of the hospital.” He said that he anticipates working with a number of agencies to see how these services can be introduced and integrated.

Tyler said, “We welcome Greg to our team. He has very strong knowledge and experience with Mobile Integrated Health Services, and we know that he will be an integral part of this effort as we introduce this concept to the region.”