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Elderly Quincy Man Found On Floor After Norfolk Sheriff’s “Are You Ok?” Program Calls For Help

A 70-year-old Quincy man was found lying on his floor, bleeding from his head, after he failed to his answer his daily check-in phone call from Norfolk County Sheriff Michael G. Bellotti’s “Are You OK?” program.

The man, who later said he could not remember how long he had been lying on the floor, was taken to Boston Medical Center, where he was being evaluated.

“Thank goodness this gentleman was enrolled in our “Are You OK?” program and was able to get the help he desperately needed,” Sheriff Bellotti said. “I hate to think what might have happened if no one knew he was in trouble.”

Sheriff Bellotti praised his program partner, Fallon Ambulance Service, which oversaw the program operations on July 24, the day the 70-year-old man suffered his fall.

“Fallon Ambulance became a partner in this invaluable program when budget constraints threatened its viability. Fallon stepped up to the plate and offered their resources to keep the program alive,” Sheriff Bellotti said.

“It’s so important for elderly people living alone – such as the man in this case – to have someone checking on them daily,” Sheriff Bellotti continued. “We’re glad we were able to get him into the hands of medical professionals right away.”

Sheriff Bellotti brought “Are You OK?” into NorfolkCounty in 2001. Each morning – 365 days a year – an officer places phone calls to nearly 300 senior citizens living throughout the county to check on their well-being.

Anyone wishing to learn more about “Are You OK?” or to sign up for the program should call the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office at 1-866-900-7865.