We believe that it is essential to invest in technology in order to deliver the highest level of patient care and, ultimately, save lives. Our paramedics and EMT's have the most technologically advanced medical equipment at their fingertips, including automatic external defibrillators (AED's) in every ambulance.

Our fleet is also equipped with state-of-the-art Mobile Data Terminals (MDT's) which allow bi-directional communication between the vehicles and the dispatch center while serving as Auto Vehicle Locators that provide dispatch with real-time vehicle location and status. This technology helps us to provide our customers with the most timely, best possible service.

Advanced Life Support Ambulances
We have provided Advanced Life Support level ambulance service since 1991. Customers have ready access to 20 ALS ambulances. All paramedics meet company, state, and federal regulations. ALS ambulances are for individuals requiring advanced pre-hospital intervention or inter-facility transportation. Our paramedics can provide patients with advanced care including IV's, cardiac monitoring, and intubation.

Fallon Ambulance ALS facilities are available for emergency and non-emergency transport services. Emergency services include the treatment of chest pain, shortness of breath, altered mental status, cardiac arrest, and major trauma. Non-emergency transport services include the transport of patients from units presently treating them with IV or cardiac monitoring.

Basic Life Support Ambulances
Since our beginnings in 1923, Fallon Ambulance has provided basic life support ambulance services. Customers can access 67 basic life support ambulances staffed by Emergency Medical Technicians. All EMT's meet company and state regulations for certification. The basic life support ambulance is for individuals who need transportation for emergency and non-emergency situations. Emergency services include minor shortness of breath, minor trauma, psychiatric evaluation, and minor illness. Non-emergency transports include outpatient visits to doctors office or the hospital.

Wheelchair Coaches
We have offered our patients wheelchair coach services for over twenty years. Wheelchair coach services are for patients who are wheelchair bound and those requiring moderate medical supervision or those who are temporarily unable to ambulate due to injury. Fallon currently operates 34 wheelchair coaches.

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